It took some time but here we are again.
And we have big news: we are a group of 4 again!
Our long time mate Jan will play bass and sing along.
Some may have heard him with his band 'Black Parable' or as soloartist 'Rudolph'.

From the next show on, which is in Berlin on the 27th of may, he will stand on stage with us.
More dates to be announced soon :)

Further did we fix some bugs on our website:
Our contactform had a small problem, therefore we couldnt answer to anyone who contacted us
and the shop struggled sometimes to show the final checkout page. Both bugs are fixed and the site is working again.

Thanks to the 'anonymous' hint through which we spotted these bugs in the first place. Please contact us again and we will take care for your shirt you couldn't check out ;)
Again a big sorry to all those contact requests we couldnt answer - contact us again and you will get an answer - we swear =)